Look Ma! Old Raids!


Today I was one of ‘those’ people. You know the ones who are not paying attention during a pull and instead they’re taking selfies with their bffs. OK so it was an older raid and I could have been dead on the floor for all of it and no one would have noticed, but I usually try to not be that person. The second I saw this named I wanted to take a picture with him. Normally for raids I go as a shadow priest, but today after my usual round I decided to swap over to my disc spec and heal for a while. It’s not that I don’t adore shadow, I do, but I get bored of doing the same things day after day, as anyone would. If it wasn’t for the Draenor faction I’ve been working on I would probably swap to another character for a bit. As it stands, I’m still trying very hard to complete my faction so I can fly.

The raids treated me well. They were in need of a healer and so I received an extra loot bag for each run. I made a tidy sum of cash and got some gear to send to alts. I’ve upgraded my garrison now and I’m only missing two buildings in order for all of them to be T3. One is the fishing shack that I work on daily (only 300 fish to go) and the second one is the Tavern, and for that I need an achievement which requires doing dungeons with other players. So far I’m not quite ready, though I really do think they’re much easier these days than they used to be.

I also ventured into Darkmoon Faire which I haven’t seen since their latest revamp. I earned myself a good number of achievements doing the racer events, and am at 11,000 achievement points even. I love that I can log in and play for an hour and feel as though I’ve actually accomplished something. Speaking of which, I earned enough money for another game token, so that’s my account taken care of until February 2017. I like saving up for a token each month, and I like that it’s an obtainable goal with my playtime. It’s still cheaper than it has been previously, seeming to bounce between 34k and 35k.

One thing I’ve really been slacking on is my barn. I just can’t seem to go out and collect the caged bits you need for the work orders. I’ve also fallen behind on my tailoring, I rarely ever get the supplies required. It’s something I’d like to focus on in the future if I can remember to at least.

All in all, just another quiet evening! Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.


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