Playing Games with No Set Goals


I spent a lot of my gaming time playing games that don’t have goals set out for you (also called sandbox games). You choose how you spend your time and progression isn’t typically linear. I’m still running my Infinity Evolved server for Minecraft and last night I spent most of it creating items from decocraft, a mod that allows you to use dyed clay to create modern items. Pictured in the screenshot is the office area. I also made a bedroom and a kitchen (with fully functional taps). I could spend hours creating items like this and designing ‘modern’ looking homes. It’s just one aspect of gameplay that I find enjoyable.

I tried to go through some of the minecraft achievements yesterday, but I find them a pretty lackluster bunch. I also learned a bunch about Endermen that I never knew by playing the Telltale game of it on steam. I had no idea what made them aggressive! With my new knowledge, I can pretty much always avoid them (by the way, that was a fantastic game, highly suggest you play it if you haven’t yet).

In minecraft the top floor of the base I’ve created is dedicated to resources and a few ‘pretty’ rooms. This is a drastic change from the room below, which is filled with computers and machinery. The bottom floor houses my tinkerer’s construct. Outside I’ve got a farm growing crops, and I’ve set up some animal pens. I’ve ventured into the Nether but haven’t gotten anything fancy set up there. I’ve also started working my way through Twilight Forest, but I’m feeling a bit lack luster about it because that’s where I spent most of my time in the previous rendition of my server.

There are still a lot of mod packs that I haven’t delved too far into, like Blood Magic. Once I get the ‘house’ looking the way I want, it will be time to pick another mod pack to figure out. Normally I just go with whatever my mood decides, but maybe this time I’ll take a look at the over all list of mods and work my way through them or something. I haven’t decided yet.

In any case, even though Minecraft isn’t an MMO and there’s no progression set out for me, I’m still having a blast playing and creating. Sometimes it’s just exactly what I need.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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