Flying in Draenor (finally)



I finally earned enough faction to be able to fly in Draenor – and let me tell you, for me, this is a game changer.

I had neglected all of my alts and all of my alliance characters because I just don’t like running around from place to place especially when I know the option for flying is out there. It was overly frustrating in Tanaan Jungle when people would swoop out of the skies to take quest objectives from me as I quested. I almost wished that there was a zone phase for people who had unlocked flight, and another for those of us without. I’m especially glad that flight unlocks account wide, because now I don’t feel bored to tears as I quest my alts through levels 91-100.

Not only did I finally unlock flight, but I also upgraded my fishing shack to level 3, and recruited Nat Pagle as a follower who I put to work in the fishing shack. That leaves only one building left to upgrade, and I’ve been holding back because it requires me to group up – something I always have a lot of anxiety about in World of Warcraft, even though I know I’m more than geared enough to be able to handle heroic dungeons. I’m constantly afraid that I’ll do something to mess up or that I’ll get kicked out, no matter how many times I tell myself that it’s just a game and that I shouldn’t worry about these things. I still do worry. Please remember if you’d like to add me to BNet you can find me as: Stargrace#1783, and though I am playing horde at the moment (Area 52) I also have alliance members (Argent Dawn).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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