Questing in Dromund Kaas


Well, I certainly didn’t hold out long. After reaching level 10 as a non-subscriber I decided to subscribe for a month. This eased my mind when it came to all of the restrictions that F2P players get stuck with, and it allowed me much more enjoyment while playing. I re-created my Sith Inquisitor as a  Twi’lek which was what I wanted to create from the start. I picked Artifice as my craft with archaeology and treasure hunting to supplement it. After that, it was back to questing in Dromund Kaas. I enjoyed being out of the desert of Korriban, the landscape of barren wastelands has never really appealed to me. One thing I noticed is that my UI had turned off tracking for all quests that were not main story quests. I turned this back on so I didn’t miss anything, and that’s how I found myself level 25 in the level 15 area. None of that matters since the game levels you down to an appropriate rank and I’ve always been a fan of games that had this mechanic.

I’m playing my character as an egotistical daredevil who knows that she’s great at what she does. It’s an odd experience for me, but I’m loving the story options so far.

Next up? Balmorra!

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  1. Telwyn says:

    The new level-sync is really good as you mention. I’ve hated out-levelling zones in more modern MMOs and this kind of automatic system is a good solution. SWTOR seems to have one of the best “level at your own speed” offerings of any MMO at the moment. I also prefer to subscribe thesedays to avoid the annoyances/nagging of the cash-shop. But I appreciate that these games have F2P as an option as friends that I regularly play with are more reluctant to commit to side-game in that way.

    Good to see you’re enjoying the game :-)

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