Legacy Family Woes

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Last night I decided to relax with a little Sims 4 – and play my legacy family, the “Little’s”. When we left off, Emily was about to age to a young adult, and Jessica was quickly approaching elder status. Yep, my legacy family is still only on the 2nd generation. The “goal” is to reach the 10th. I’ve never made it past the 2nd before, I normally start a new family or I lose my save or something happens to the family. In the screenshot above you can see deceased Alonzo hanging out, having dinner with his wife. Even in death the Little’s are nothing if not persistent.

Emily got a job as a hungry artist. She spends a lot of time covered in paint. Jessica is still writing novels, but she’s contemplating retiring. Emily also has a boyfriend, but the relationship is a bit awkward because he’s not a young adult yet, he’s still a teenager. It means they’re restricted to hugs and watching TV together. She may have to move on to someone more her own age before too long. I’m hoping to see him age up.

I grew frustrated with their house yesterday so I removed the important items (Alonzo’s urn, Emily’s birth certificate) and I demolished the lot, then re-built something I enjoyed more. The rules of the legacy family state that they have to live on the same lot the entire time, but it’s perfectly fine for you to build and re-build the place. After all, families grow with time.

Besides work, neither Little has much free time. I know there are vacation days, but I rarely take them. I haven’t explored much outside of the lot, but I know with more game time that will change. Especially as the family amasses more money and it becomes less of a requirement to work. If I ever make it to that point.

The Sims 4 is still one of those games that I can play for hours and discover new things all of the time. Plus, it’s entertaining. Both Emily and Jessica had franks and beans as a dinner and the entire evening was filled with odious clouds of green toots that they would then waft towards each other, while giggling.

Sometimes, this game emulates real life just a little too much.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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