Druid Dings 100, and Other Ramblings


My night elf druid FINALLY made it to level 100 over the weekend, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had this character for ages now but I just never found the time to level her, instead I would focus on … well, anyone else. The amusing thing is that I LOVE playing druids. It’s the character I originally started out with in EQ2 and then decided to give up because at the time pretty much everyone and their dog was playing a druid. I moved on to other characters, and deep inside continued to long for the heal-over-time way of life.

Now that I’m at the level cap, it’s time to decide what comes next. Since I can already fly in Draenor that cuts down a lot of the grinding that I would normally have to do. I also managed to stock up a nice supply of leather baleful gear, not a huge amount, but enough to get started. What I’m lacking is the garrison resources to upgrade my town hall to rank 3, which is top of my list. Once that’s completed I’ll move towards Tannan jungle and unlocking my docks.

I also completed the Proving Grounds on silver as a healer, eventually I’d like to do them as DPS. I’ve started my legendary but I need to collect all of the cores as well as apex crystals. My professions are slagging behind so that’s also something I’ll want to concentrate on.

New end game characters are exciting. There’s just so much to do that it almost feels like an entire new game for me. Of course, I also want to level someone else up now, so I’ll have to start thinking about alts. I do love my alts.

That brings my total characters at 100 to 5 (one of them being the free one you get when you pre-order Legion). On the horde side I have a priest, paladin, and hunter. The alliance side is my shaman, and druid.

Maybe I’ll level up my rogue next, or even better, my warrior.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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