Look Ma! A Fishing Rod!


While working on my fishing quests I was lead by breadcrumbs to a crafting quest that would involve numerous systems like workers, housing, warehouses, and that just opened up a whole can of worms of things to learn. First thing first. I wanted to learn how to make a fishing rod. The step by step seemed easy enough – I should have known better.

The quest tells me to purchase a house that can be used as a tool workshop. It even lists the house. I found it, bought it, played around with the UI for it, and noted that it was (at that time) residential. All of my attempts to change the house from residential to a tool workshop failed, and I couldn’t understand why. A bit of googling told me that houses are linked, just like nodes (which I still haven’t explored yet) so before I could use house 3-2 1st floor, I would have to purchase house 3-1. I did, and turned that one into storage. This increased my warehouse slots. I can’t enter the building, and once I obtained a tool workshop I was no longer able to enter that place either. Instead I only get the ‘visit so and so’ options. I assume that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

I put some wood in my warehouse, headed to Santo Manzi to hire a worker, found a human worker, hired him, then opened the main map and selected manage crafting. I put my worker to work (har har) annnd in 41 minutes I’m supposed to pick up a fishing rod “from somewhere”. I have no idea where. I’m guessing from the warehouse. We’ll see whether or not that’s true.

I don’t know much about workers yet. I don’t know if you keep them even if they’re not on a job or if you have to hire someone new. I don’t know if they’re designated to specific things or if they can set off to do whatever it is you need them to do. I did find that Dulfy has some guides written up which I hope to read and learn about in more depth tomorrow. I used Dulfy many times while I was playing GuildWars 2 because of the clarity in which the guides are written, and I assume that the same can be said for their BDO guides. I still haven’t figured out nodes or trade yet, but spent a lot of the afternoon crafting simple items (alchemy and simple cooking) which was a lot of fun. Of course I’m also running out of inventory space, but such is the way of every game, ever. I did get a few items that expanded my inventory which was nice, but it’s too easy to fill up on crafting components.

I still haven’t purchased the game yet, but I think it’s safe to say by now that I’m hooked and should at least get $30 worth out of playing it should I choose to purchase it. There are still so many game systems to learn, after all!

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    That confused me too, the way you can’t go into the buildings you have “bought”. In fact there’s no need to go anywhere near them – you can do everything from the Map. The whole thing of them being your houses is entirely notional – they are really crafting stations accessed through the UI. It’s only when you set one as a residence that it takes on the usual function of MMO housing. You can have five of those.

    I’m about to log in now and the first thing I’m going to do is that fishing rod quest. I’ll find out then if the two workers I hired to make my raft are still sitting there, waiting for orders, or if I have to hire new ones. I have a contract to hire an NPC goblin who is actually a named NPC that gives quests – I got Amity with him to 500, which allowed me to see what he had to sell and it tuned out he was selling himself! Black Desert is a very strange game but I definitely think it’s worth $30!

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