Wagon?! WAGON!


Adventures in Black Desert Online continued throughout the weekend while I picked up a bit more insight on the various systems. I still don’t know quite what I’m doing when it comes to nodes, but I’ve managed to complete various quests explaining the systems and whether or not I can replicate those actions is another story all together. I’ve still been spending most of my time in Velia, but I’ve also adventured to the west and south a bit in order to link nodes and to complete other types of quests. One of those types that I came across early on was trade routes. They seem to work a bit like ArcheAge, where you bring heavy packages of goods from one Trade Manager to another, and then sell them. The further away the goods come from, the more money you (typically) get. You have to decide how much time vs. money you get and figure out which routes to take.

At first I was running these trade missions on foot, because I had no mount. REALLY slow, but I didn’t get attacked by anything (thankfully). Along the way I was offered a quest for a wagon license! YAY! I registered my mount at the stable, it came with a horse. This wagon is probably the most awkward vehicle I’ve ever driven in any game, but it was awesome to be able to do my trades mounted instead of taking forever by foot. I was proud of my wagon even in all of its awkward glory.

I’m almost level 13, but I’ve not done any adventuring for quite some time. There’s just too many other things to do and explore. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the game is just so beautiful.

Inventory continues to be an issue and I know there are guides out there on how to expand by doing quests, but I haven’t actually taken a look at them yet. For now I try to sell off anything that isn’t a raw resource, and things that are raw resources I keep in my warehouse for my workers to use. I do have a quest to construct a raft, but I haven’t purchased the required buildings for it. I also haven’t figured out how to obtain more lodging for workers. I have one, but when I tried to activate a second one it said I didn’t have lodging. I’m not sure if that’s a category in a house or what. I purchased a few extra houses but none of them qualified. For now I’m limited to just the one worker (who I have out gathering potatoes for me).

I checked my character window and so far I have over 15 hours played on my one character. It has been a while since an MMO captured my attention with such intensity, and I’m happy about that. After some debate (which wasn’t really much of a debate to be honest) I’ve decided to purchase the $50 package when I upgrade. This package comes with a mount and a pet, two things that I know I’d be buying in-game eventually anyway. Plus it comes with housing tokens, and if the pictures have shown me anything it’s that our houses are very dark and require lights. Free lights would be even better.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


4 Responses to Wagon?! WAGON!

  1. Ardwulf says:

    Yeah, I would be very interested. Thanks!

  2. Syl says:

    Bloody wagon quest never showed up for me personally, so I just got the 30k one from the horse vendor. It is terrible! :D

    There are 7 day passes. I may have a spare if you want to check it out.

  3. stargrace says:

    I’m using a 7 day trial code from a friend, the $30 base game comes with 1 trial code, and the $50 package comes with two.

  4. Ardwulf says:

    So is it actually possible to try this without spending money, or did you get an insider code of some kind?

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