Ding! 97 Defiler…


Yesterday the chronoportal event started in EverQuest 2, and being such a fan of nostalgia I decided to log in and take part. I still have Station Access for a few more months even though I’ve wandered away from the game, so I claimed my 500 daybreak cash first. I had a bunch of Ancient Coins saved up from previous events, so I headed to Commonlands to the merchant there and picked up the new items. There was a title I hadn’t obtained yet (no idea when that came out) along with three paintings. I put them into my Norrathian Museum, and then noticed that my defiler was almost level 97, about 20% away.

One of the easiest ways to level used to be from turning in collection quests, but experience from that has slowly been nerfed over time. Not a big deal, but I miss the massive amount we used to gain. Now each collection rewards about 1-2%. No matter, I hadn’t done any of the latest collections. I filtered collections through the broker and set to work buying up the least expensive ones I could find (basically anything between 50g and 100p). It wasn’t long before I had an inventory full of items to turn in. I noticed there were actually achievements for completing the collections this time around, though they were not worth any points. Rewards varied from gear to housing items and of course more shinies.

I had some spare collection items stored on my character so I put those up on the broker and then added the housing items to my museum. I was going to get started working on some old quests (in specific heritage quests I’ve had for years now) but alas it was time for dinner and I had to log out. I like wandering back into EverQuest 2 every now and again, it’s familiar and it’s easy for me to pick up where I’ve left off because of how familiar it is. It may not be the one game that I’ve dedicated myself to like I have in the past, but there will always be a spot for it in my games folder.

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