More Lodging, More Workers


Still working out node management and workers, today I decided to finally purchase a house that could be designated as lodging (granting me the ability to hire an extra worker) and then upgraded it so that I could hire 2 workers total (plus the 1 ‘bonus’ one that I started with). Now I’ve got three workers. I have one working on my raft (it’s almost done, I’m on step 25 out of 28 at the time of this post) one is off collecting potatoes, and the third is off collecting.. chicken meat. For now. I think I’ll probably swap that to some sort of ore collection in the future. In order to do that, I’ll need to link some nodes.

Before I can link any more nodes, I’ll need to earn more contribution points. Right now I have only 1 available, and that’s where management comes in handy, and planning what it is you want to do, and where to spend those points. I’ve also been neglecting my questing because I’ve been focusing on getting the raft done, and AFK fishing in the meantime. I managed to hit beginner10 in fishing which FINALLY allowed me to wear the gear they gave me way back when. Why they felt it necessary to give me gear I wouldn’t be able to wear until I had many hours dedicated to fishing, I’m not sure. I’ve also almost reached gathering10, which will allow me to don the outfit they gave me for that. The problem with these outfits is that when you equip them they bump gear out of the way, and they fill more than one slot, so suddenly you need to have 4 inventory slots free for your regular gear. Yes, inventory is still an issue for me, but not quite as big a deal as one may think.

I know the raft is nothing fancy, and a lot of people even say to just skip it, but I want to get the full experience, and who knows what quests unlock once I complete it.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    I think the questing in BDO is underrated. It’s certainly no worse than in most Eastern MMOs and better than some. The dialogs would probably be fairly amusing in the original language – the execrable translations often only hint at the subtleties – but the voicework is decent (a lot better than Blade and Soul, for example) and there’s the widest selection of semi-authentic regional, national and just plain odd accents I’ve heard since The Secret World.

    As a result of doing plenty of questing I now have 42 Contribution points available. They build up fast.

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