10 Days of EVE Online for .99? Sure!


Lately I’ve heard the siren’s call to return to EVE Online, but I’m reluctant to spend $15/m USD, especially since that’s really $21.22 Canadian a month. You can imagine my excitement when I saw that there was a ‘come back for 10 days’ deal going on. There seems to be two versions. One version is come back for free, and this seems to be aimed at those who have been away for quite a while. Then there’s also a come back for .99 (the same 10 days) and this seems to be aimed at people who have been away, but not for as long. I have two accounts, and received both emails. At first I was confused, I thought it was my main accounts that had received the 10 days free vs. my alt account who received the .99 offer – but it’s actually the other way around.

I signed up for the 10 days, and I may end up picking up the $9.99 deal that I also have. I do have a PLEX stashed away for a rainy day too, so that’s always an option.

As always, it was easy to dive right back in. I had a bunch of holiday claim items and I took those back to my main base first. Then I set out working Caldari State faction, which is what I was trying to fix last time I was playing. I’m still only able to run Level 1 missions, and in a Tengu this is extreme overkill, so I managed to grind my way through quite a few quests as well as the special storyline missions that pop up after you’ve completed a number of those. I didn’t bother salvaging or looting any of my kills, though I know I could have for a bit of extra money. I was more interested in just getting as many missions done as I could.

I didn’t dive back into invention like I typically do, though I’m debating setting up my 2nd account for the 10 free days so that I can do some mining between my orca and a hulk. My 2nd account is my mining account, and my main I use for hauling. It would be nice to make some extra cash and mining is always so relaxing.

Have you taken advantage of the return to EVE email?

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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