Weekend Wanderings in #BDO


An Easter event is taking place in Black Desert Online. You go out collecting eggs and turn them in for various house rewards. You can also choose to eat the eggs instead and they’ll give you buffs. Unfortunately you need 40 of any one egg type in order to get the housing item, so the chances of me getting any of them is pretty slim. At the time of this post I have a grand total of three eggs, two different types. I’m sure I could try to go crazy and farm them, but that’s just not how I enjoy playing the game.

When I logged in yesterday I realized that I had skipped a bunch of areas on my way to Velia. I headed back to the Western camp and picked up a bunch of tutorial quests that involved harvesting, crafting, and trades to the outer farms. I received a second donkey, and two more free workers. Since I don’t have lodging for them I’m just keeping the forms in my inventory for now. One of the tutorial quests taught me how to craft trade goods in order to sell them for more money. I set a worker out to create a potato box, using 10 potatoes (which another worker harvested) and a black powder (which my 3rd worker crafted in the refining house I purchased). Then I went and did a bit of AFK fishing in anticipation of my potato boxes completing. I haven’t sold them yet so I’m not sure how the money compares to vendor sold trade items, but it should be an increase. I completed a few kill quests that just wanted some local wildlife and I thought about just how large and involved the world is.

I still haven’t claimed my purchase items yet, and I haven’t decided on a permanent home to live. I have a cheap residence over the Inn just to be able to use my cooking tools and I’ve put a few furniture items in there that I got from quests simply to move them out of my inventory. I still need to find some sort of light source for the inside of the home, it’s always way too dark.

My character reached 50 hours played, and I got a claim reward from it that included some experience boosts and some dye. I’m still only level 18, but that bothers me less and less as I find other things to focus on and keep myself busy. The game requires quite a bit of time investment, something I don’t mind. It’s nice to feel pride in creating things again, pride in the levels I do have.

Today I’m hoping to explore worker created trade items a bit more, and finally step into the amity game. I also have a lot of trade quests that I want to clear out of my journal. I had three quests to trip little children in the town of Velia, but I had no idea how to trip them so I ended up forfeiting those quests for now. I tried to run into them, run ahead of them and cut them off, etc, but nothing would give me an update no matter who I attempted it on. Maybe I just never found the right NPC, but it was frustrating me. I need to remember that I don’t NEED to complete every quest (though it would be nice). I even tried to watch a few videos on those little kids running around. Everyone else seemed to be able to find them and “trip” them within two minutes or so. I spent a good hour running around – nope.

Maybe next time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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