Sklotopolis – Day 2


Yesterday most of my time in game was spent wandering around the vast lands, looking for a place to settle. I had a few decisions to make. Did I want to be in the middle of nowhere with few neighbours, or did I want to be within range of the happenings that take place around starter villages. Did I want to create my own village, or join one already established. What resources did I want to have available, and did it matter if I had access to the ocean.

In the end I settled about mid-way through the map, East of the starter town, right by a little lake. The land was anything but flat and I spent the remainder of the evening terraforming it into something I could live on. This process takes a bit of time, even with the bonus of speed on the server compared to the regular wurm online game, and so the next day I went back at it. I’ve only got one corner left to even out and then the deed (at least the land for it) will be manageable and something I can build on. I also want my place surrounded by trees, and the area around my place is pretty barren. I went out harvesting a couple of sprouts yesterday to place around the perimeter, but I’ll need a lot more.

I also want to connect my deed to a main road. Thankfully there is one East that just sort of dies and there’s another one just South of me that joins up to the Eastern road. There’s completed roads that lead West back to the starter town, and lots of roads for me to use to find my way. What I don’t have on-deed in an easily accessible way is a mine. There’s a hill behind my place along the road, so until I figure out where the rock level starts I’ll just use that mine. I don’t absolutely need one on deed, so long as there’s one I can reach without too much trouble.

I did also donate a bit of money to the servers, and got a 2×2 clay tile on deed in return for my donation. There wasn’t any clay that I could spot around my lake, and since it looks like I’ll be here a while I did want to help out a bit. With the deed area flat, and clay in supply, it’s time for me to figure out where I want my building(s). I’m keeping this deed relatively small compared to my previous places, and I love trying to get creative with my space. I imagine I’ll have a workroom on the main floor with storage and living quarters up above. A small farm and pens for two horses should be all that I need. I’ll probably plan things out in Deed planner so that I have some idea of what I’m working with, but it’s not essential.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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