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Even though I’ve been playing Wurm for years now, when you’re on a beginning character things hurt. They hurt even on the Wurm Unlimited servers where you’re given a little bit of a boost. On Sklotopolis you start with 30 quality leather gear, a sword, shield, and 20 to most stats. I had taken down a few easier creatures (dogs, the odd chicken here and there) but nothing aggressive, and nothing as mean as the field of lava spiders in the screenshot above.

The day started out wonderfully. I completed the terraforming of my deed, made a rough plan of what I wanted things to look like – and then my friend Moumix surprised me by logging in. A friend from Wurm Online, Moumix has been my deed partner in crime for a number of years now. Just like old times he got straight to work and joined my deed to a few of the main roads for easier access. While he was doing that I decided I wanted to try to head to the Altar of Three so I could convert myself to some sort of religion. I know you can have players convert you, but I wanted to do the walk (it’s not that far) and explore. Adventuring is one of my favourite things to do in Wurm.

The walk was fast, there are roads leading exactly where I needed to go. Along the way I passed all sorts of awesome dangerous creatures that I can’t wait to face in battle – when I’m stronger, of course. I also found another horse and two sheep to bring back home. After relaying this information to Moumix he got started on an animal pen while I decided which religion to follow.

It wasn’t an easy choice. My instinct was to go with Fo, I love how it’s centered on healing, animals, and nature. In the end utility won out and I decided to go with Vynora. Priest penalties have been removed from the server so once I hit 30 faith I’ll convert to a priest. Out of all of the modifications to the Wurm Unlimited servers – removing priest penalties is my absolute favourite. I don’t need to have an entire army of alts in order to be a priest and do things in game. It’s wonderful.

The deed is coming along great. The animal pen is up, one road is completed and another has been started. There’s a Vynora altar in place and a forge. Rough outlines for my home have begun – I’ll need 30 masonry before I can actually begin construction of stone houses. I started an area for a knowledge tile (meditation) and even managed to forage up some seeds to plant in my make shift garden. All in all, things are going well. Very well indeed. I’ll post some progress screenshots tomorrow.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


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  1. pasmith says:

    This sounds awesome! Another game I love to read about.

    I never get why people enjoy watching others play games on Twitch, but I love reading about people playing games that I don’t play for one reason or another, so I guess I’m a hypocrite!

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