Making a Deed a Home


Day three on Sklotopolis – and I’m still loving every minute of it. The server has busy days and days where things are more quiet, but I was probably a bit too hasty in my first assessment, as it was during a quieter time. That’s alright, I like both quiet and busy times! The players are friendly and helpful, answering questions in CA or in GL-Freedom (the server-wide chat) and I’ve made lots of progress in game. I’ve almost reached 30 faith which means I can convert to a priest before too long. I’ve also joined the path of knowledge for meditation, and I’ve answered the initial question that confirms you want to join, as well as the second question that marks you as an initiate.

I created bricks until I got to 30 masonry, not overly difficult because it’s my affinity along with the server experience bonus. I created bricks and mortar so that I could complete the first level of my workshop, and it’s looking pretty good.


Moumix completed the roads to and from the deed, so I can get to my mine easily. I’ve been working away in there in the hopes that I would discover some ore – but I’ve had zero luck with that as of yet. I’ve uncovered at least 15 tiles, and no ore. Maybe today my luck will be better.

Crops on this server are ready in a bit less than a RL day, and they don’t rot. As I mentioned before a lot of the changes that this particular server has implemented are convenience and don’t necessarily take away the essence of what I think Wurm is, but it does allow the more casual player to experience the game. I’ve earned enough silver by being online and killing mobs that I could expand my deed if I wanted, but I think for now I’ll keep it the small size that it is so I can focus on building my skills instead of getting too wrapped up in large deed projects. Plus I tend to play my deeds like I do my video games – in a very nomadic lifestyle. The smaller it is the easier it may be to pack up one day and move elsewhere on the server.

Yesterday saw a nice influx of new-to-the-server players, and each day I make sure to go and vote for the server. Word of mouth is a great way to get the news out, and I’m hoping the server continues to see growth. Remember, if you’ve ever wanted to play Wurm Online, but were restricted by time or the monthly fee, you can buy Wurm Unlimited on steam. Of course I’m a bit biased when it comes to this game, but hey we all have our favourites.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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