Things to Do


A list of things I need to get done both at Quail Ridge, and Goldstrike Outpost – these are only deed chores, they don’t include things like improving my armor / weapons or working on getting better tools. That will come in time.

Quail Ridge: 

    • Complete storage building main floor, stone.
    • Complete floor of main building, slabs.
    • Complete floor of storage building, slabs.
  • Complete bed x2 x1
  • Re-do fence in iron instead of wood
  • Complete 7 3 bulk storage bins
  • Complete 1 large barrel
  • Complete 3 small barrel
  • Create a dock area
  • Complete Path of Love tile
  • Complete loom
  • Complete staircase
  • Complete floor 2
  • Complete floor 2 walls (timber)
  • Complete main house roof
  • Mailbox

Goldstrike Outpost:

  • Complete 2 forge
  • Complete 2 bulk storage bin
  • Bring over fuel
  • Complete a mine door
  • Complete 10 5 lamps
  • Complete large barrel (with water)
  • Complete Fo altar
  • Complete horse pen (2×2)
  • Mailbox

This should keep me busy for a while.

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