Deed Chores and a Hunt in the Works


Sunday was a really relaxing day. I did a bit of deed work but not too much, and focused on working my alt up in faith and meditation while I watched Netflix. Wurm is great for that sort of multitasking. I did work on the main building at Quail Ridge quite a bit, I completed the main floor, added a staircase, completed the second floor, and almost completed the walls to the second floor. After that is all done, it will be time for a roof, and two beds so when I log off I can finally get a little sleep bonus.

I’m also thinking of going on a hunting expedition. I need some leather, I’m tired of the three slot tool belt and I couldn’t find anything I wanted at the NT market (the main market on server). I’m hoping to save up my silver for a merchant that I could place there, I’m not sure they make many (any?) sales, but I love being more involved with the player base and the economy. I’ve started getting to know the regulars in GL-Freedom, and I try to take part in conversations where I can. There have been a few people here and there in local too, and I try to be friendly and chat when they’re paying attention. Over all I still really enjoy the community that has settled here, and am very happy to be a part of things.

I still haven’t decided what skill to settle on working so I imagine I’ll one again be a jack of all trades, master of none. I don’t mind this at all, it’s nice to be self sufficient. In most games I play I create alts so that I can handle “all the things” myself. In Wurm Unlimited this isn’t a requirement since your character can do pretty much everything (and on this server in particular you CAN do everything since priests have no restrictions).

The second floor of my main house is timber and I noticed they added a few new(er) models to the selections. Balcony was one of the choices, and even though you can’t actually walk out onto them, they’re quite pretty. I placed two balconies on the top floor, along with some fancy windows. The first floor of the building is for the workshop and holds my forges, loom, food storage bin, and a few other odds and ends. The upstairs is the living quarters, and will have some beds and other fancy furniture as I work up carpentry and fine carp. Then I have a second building that will be for storage and just hold bulk items in storage bins / crates.

It’s not a fancy place with fancy architect but it will allow me to focus on working up my skills which is what I enjoy doing. Some people like designing fancy places to live but I’d rather buy a place that’s already complete, and then make it my own from there.

The goal this week is to complete the main building, maybe work more on the second building, and organize that hunting trip I want to do. Maybe work a bit on natural substance, and clear out a few more tiles of my mine. I’d also like to find some time to work on channeling, my Fo priest is almost at 30 faith and she’ll need to travel to the white light to get converted to a priest, my Vynora priest has barely cast any spells at all (whoops) but at least it’s another thing to do in game.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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