Results of the Hunt


Yesterday was a fantastic day on the Sklotopolis server of Wurm Unlimited. I started out by finishing my main building, the second floor done in timber and then the roof done in slate that I got from Moumix’ mine. The black slate looks amazing, and I’m very proud of the house. Afterward I decided to improve my tools to 40 ql, and I created a few tools for Moumix and Mayameran too. Moumix had found a small anvil that was better quality than the one I was using and offered it up to me but I decided to improve my own instead – and good thing I did! I managed to turn the thing rare. Not only that, but I turned a needle rare that I was improving, too. I was very pleased to finally have a handful of useful rares.

I tentatively decided on a few skills to focus on. I’m going to continue working blacksmithing, weaponsmithing, leatherworking, and natural substance. I’m sure other skills will come along the way but those are the ones that I’d like to work at. Basically the same skills (minus leatherworking) that I was working on in Wurm Online.

When the chores were done and it was daylight in game again I hitched up the cart and forgetting anything useful (like bandages, meals, water..) headed out to the steppe and desert that lay to the East. The lands may have been empty of deeds, but were absolutely full of mobs to help raise up my combat skills and to collect some leather and natural substance materials. I can’t handle bison yet, but there were plenty of horses around and I took advantage of that. I came home with 4 female horses for Mayameran, who is going to dedicate her skills towards animal husbandry.

A few trolls tried to eat me along the way, and I was chased by a gator and a diseased bear for some time, but over all the trip was fantastic and I got to explore some pretty deeds in progress. There was a little bit of drama in GL-Freedom early yesterday that involved someone buying tools from another player and then going AFK when they were delivered (even though they did ask for the tools to be COD to them in the mail) but honestly little things like that come up often in MMOs – it’s just what happens when you have a group of people playing a game together. Thankfully it wasn’t anything drastic, and it didn’t interrupt anyone else’ game play.

Since I’m not able to afford a subscription to Wurm Online at the moment, let alone three of them, I decided to go ahead and sell off two of my priest characters. A few minutes after I put the auctions up I had a response about a buyout and I let them go for what I think is a pretty fair price. I still have my main character, as well as the character holding onto my second deed, in total besides those two priests I have 4 others, so it’s not a great loss to me. I had purchased those two priests to begin with a few years ago and just couldn’t give them the attention that a priest requires in Wurm Online. Another reason I’m thankful for Wurm Unlimited.

A lot of the ‘to do’ list has been completed, and there’s only a small portion left. Moumix helped craft two more beds and he brought over some BSB so that’s all done. He’s going down the path of Magnaron so we can have someone collapse a few mine tiles. Maya is going Fo, so hopefully in the future I can link up and get a few life transfer casts onto some weapons. I need to complete a few mailboxes (they start with a default courier of 30) and I still need to complete the storage building some time but I’m not exactly in a huge rush. Over all I’m incredibly pleased with the progress so far and I’m having a lot of fun.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Kanter says:

    Even though I have no time and therefore no business playing a game that takes as much time as Wurm Unlimited, this sounded so fun that I had to at least add it to my Steam Wishlist. Have fun and thank you for sharing!

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