Not Everyone’s Vision is the Same


Just down the road from me is the monstrosity posted above in the screenshot. What used to be a wonderful forest is being converted into a gigantic desert. Unfortunately this is one of the downsides to sandbox MMOs. Your vision for the area you live in may not be the same as someone else’ vision and so you end up with conflicts. I personally love forest and lake life in Wurm which is why I settled where I did, but not everyone is going to share that love with me. In the end you have to be OK with people making decisions like this and you can’t let it get under your skin. Instead you focus on your own little area and turn it into your own vision. In my case that means surrounding my deed with maple trees so that I can’t see the various atrocities from my front step, heh.

Yesterday was a less productive day than I had intended, but that’s alright. It’s nice to relax a bit. I created a few coal piles so I can get some ash to make lye and then I can work on my leather working a bit. Moumix gave me an 80 ql toolbelt which I absolutely adore. I worked on Goldstrike Outpost a bit and did some mining, I’ve almost uncovered some copper but I’m not quite there yet. I cleaned up the water front of my property and began a road that will curve around the lake.

I also gained rank 3 on path of knowledge (meditation) with Stargrace, and my alt is working her way down path of love. My meditation is 28.7 and raising well. I also reached 43.37 faith on the Vynora, and the Fo priest is just over 36 faith now. I’m trying to get her to 60 so that she can go around without worrying about (most) aggressive mobs. I’ve set up timers using a Wurm Unlimited version of Wurm Assistant so that I can keep track of who needs to pray and meditate when, and it seems to be working fairly well.

I haven’t made the alt any tools yet nor a lantern so at some point in time I’d like to get those done. She hasn’t been doing that much (just prayer, meditation, and the odd bit of mining here and there) so it hasn’t been a very high priority. I’ve seen lots of new players around lately and I hope even more join. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Jeromai says:

    Reminds me of the time in A Tale in the Desert when someone dumped their own private warehouse right in my sight line and “territory” to take advantage of a mine I had generously made available for public use.

    The eyesore made me exceedingly grumpy, and the best was that the individual responsible never came back to make use of anything inside it (level of contents stayed exactly numerically the same.)

    It helped to kinda push me away from the game while I was hovering in mid-game burnout. I guess I’m just the sort to prefer a private server or local set up of one. (Someday, Wurm Unlimited is on the list. Just too busy now and waiting for a Steam discount too.)

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