Then There Were Two


I buckled down yesterday and completed the second house on my deed, otherwise known as  my storage building. I figure I’ll stock bulk items into this building so that they’re not taking up room in the main crafting building, and I can easily load and unload items into a cart or eventually a wagon. It’s nothing fancy, just a plain stone house with a slate roof, but I think it suits the area.

The building marks the lats major item of construction required for my main deed. I like that it’s quite small, and won’t require a lot of upkeep to keep things looking tidy. I do want to complete a dock area and the land does need more lights, but that will come with time. I also still need to replace the wooden fence with an iron one, it looks pretty rugged this way. There is a server event happening on Saturday that I’m pretty excited about and I’ll be sure to make a post (or two) about it as we get closer.

GL-Freedom brought about a bit of an argument (again) last night, this time from a player who was frustrated over “abandoned” deeds. Because deeds here have no upkeep disbanding abandoned places requires a player to report the abandoned place on the forums. After a given amount of time, if the owner has not been seen and there is no progress on the deed, and no one has replied to the forum post (it takes about 4-8 weeks) the GMs will disband it. The person in channel last night was complaining that it takes time to report these places, and that people who are leaving or going on a break should report that they’re leaving first.

Unfortunately real life isn’t always something we can plan for. If an emergency happens, someone loses their internet, an accident takes place or what have you, the last thing on their mind is going to be logging into a forum so they can announce that they’re leaving the game for xyz amount of time. It’s much easier for those who are actively playing to report a deed, stating they haven’t seen anyone around for the past 4 weeks or that they haven’t seen any progress being made on the deed. As a player I don’t find this inconvenient and I’m glad there’s a method that both allows for the ability to free up land and takes care to protect those who may have to step away for a length of time. Completed and finished deeds are given much more time before they’re considered abandoned, obviously whoever lives there put a lot of time into their place. Still, things happen over time and I think we need to be mindful of that.

I’m coming up on 50 faith with my Vynora priest, just over 36 with the Fo. I worked channeling a bit between other tasks and I’m really pleased with how nicely the skill raises – especially if you have any sleep bonus. I used up my sleep bonus making coal piles so I could get ash to make lye for leather and I’ve been debating donating to the server (again) so that I can get 10 sleep powders. It’s certainly not required but it does make things a bit faster.

I also reached 30 mind logic which means I can queue 4 actions instead of three. How I missed having this! Over all things are going pretty well, and now that most of the deed work is done I can focus on working up some skills. I just have to decide which one…

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