Docks, Boats, (more) Buildings, and Even Some Pens


I live beside a very tiny lake and even though it’s very tiny I decided that my house needed a little dock to spruce it up, along with a building that could act as a shipyard, and yes, a little boat. The boat (a rowboat pictured above) is intentional, I needed to do some dredging and that’s the simplest way so that you can still see the corners of the tiles as you lower them. Everything built up pretty quickly, and the dock looks great.

In the meantime I noticed that my horses were stomping all over the farm fields I had planted, wrecking the plants and smashing them to bits. I decided that instead of re-planting all of the crops they kept stumbling over, I would build new pens to the side of the property. This required me to expand a few tiles (no big deal) and then I flattened the area and created some iron fences. I also made a few lights to help the property at night. I quite like how it all turned out. I don’t have a lot of room for animals, but that’s OK, this round it’s taking a back seat to other skills I’m working up.

Moumix came over and improved my mallet to 61ql, which I really appreciate. I in turn improved his metal tools to 50ql. I’m not quite at the point where I can make 60ql, but I’ll get there. I’ll need to raise my mining a bit so that I can keep the ore I need in stock. Since there’s always so much to do, it just hasn’t been a main focus (yet). We’ll see how that goes throughout the week.

Another happy day on Sklotopolis, in Wurm Unlimited!


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