Charming Wolves in the Wilderness


Some players have been making note of a lack of mobs in the northern areas of the map, so they went down south to where everything has apparently been spawning together in clumps. Mizova and a few friends took down 600+ mobs according to them and it actually did make a difference because when I logged in this morning there were wolves, wild cats, and other critters all over the place. Everyone mentioned that they too had seen a sudden increase in the spawns around their areas – now that less mobs were hanging out together all in one place.

As luck would have it I stumbled across a champion wolf. I charmed it with my Fo priest, found a male wolf, and in 7 days I should have a little baby wolf wandering around the pen. I’ll need the Fo priest to reach 60 faith so that she’s not aggro to the animals, for now it’s not exactly safe to be around them. They do look awesome though. I’m hoping to capture two brown bears in the future to breed, you can hitch young and adolescent brown bears to your cart. Having some with a few speed stats would be ideal.

We’ll see how that goes.

Moumix, Maya, and I have also planted a community deed for the three of us down in the south. It’s enormous, we pooled our earnings together so that we could get it as large as possible. There’s lots of free room down there so we’re not intruding on anyone and we’re away from the hustle and bustle. In the mean time, I continue to work on my skills, I’ve been trying to get a few points in each skill each day. They raise pretty nicely so even though I’m doing a bit of grinding each day, it doesn’t necessarily feel like it.

I created a leather hat and some gear for myself, improved it to 35-40ql so it’s better than the beginner gear. I also improved all of my tools to 50ql, a great start. I’m hoping to be around 60ql before too long. Moumix is also constructing a corbita to move goods from the central deed down south. Ideally I’d love a knarr, but I don’t have the skills quite yet to craft one, I need tailoring and rope making for the sails and other components. I’m pretty excited about moving down south – it’s a coastal deed so it’ll be fun to make a big grand waterfront for boats.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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