Mining and working on that Fo priest


Moumix completed the corbita and I’ve been working on my mining, clearing out the ore from his already established mine to bring down south (even though we have a mine there, too, it’ll be nice to have ore ready). Today I’ve been working on my Fo priest, I’m trying to get her to 60 faith. I’d also like to work on her animal skills but that will come with time.

Charm wore off of the champion wolf pretty quickly, and I don’t want the wolf to be charmed when she gives birth because then the baby wolf will attack her and will die. Sort of defeats the purpose of breeding wolves that way. I do want 60 faith though so aggro creatures don’t come after her, the wolf is currently in my farm land which means I’ll need to avoid the pen when she’s untamed until I reach the faith amount required.

Meditation is another thing I’m (slowly) working on. The cool down timers for path questions are shortened by 80% which makes a huge difference. Both of my characters are on rank 5 of their paths, and have a bit less than a week to wait until they can move to rank 6. At rank 7 I’ll be able to start enchanting grass, something my horses will be pleased about.

Blacksmithing is at 48, just shy of making level 60 gear (I can typically make gear 10 levels above my skill) – I need to raise my mining to the same level otherwise I won’t be able to improve gear that far. Mining is moving at a much slower pace, I worked on some copper and zinc today and only gained 2 points which puts me at around 56 (slightly over). Ideally I’d like to reach 60 in mining before I start improving tools to 60.

I’m noticing more and more cliques on the server. People who carry over the ways and rules of WO and who are adamant that their way is the only way (or at least the only right way). It’s interesting to watch the ebb and flow, I typically keep to myself, answer questions where I can, and just watch the other discussions going on. There’s a lot of… genital waving (for lack of a better term) that goes on between people as they each try to one up the other with their stats from WO and other achievements like PVP and who knew who or who was around first and remembers the very first servers. That comes in pretty much every game, and I find it amusing when I see it carried over here, too.

I still have no neighbours even though I live pretty close to the spawn area. I imagine all of the deeds around me must be abandoned. I’ve reported one because there’s absolutely nothing built there, but the others I’m giving a bit of time. I’ve seen a lot of new players log in recently and one comment they all have in common is that it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of land around for them to settle on. I personally wish there was a better method of dealing with abandoned deeds – but I also remind them that they need to move further away from populated areas and they’ll find lots of places to settle.

Tomorrow? I work on… who knows! I never run out of things to do in Wurm Unlimited. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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