Roads and Guard Towers


Things in Wurm Unlimited are going lovely. Since my mining was a bit behind my other skills I managed to level it up to 60. Blacksmithing is 53, which I’m pleased with for now. I improved my leather armor to 40ql, which is not a huge amount but it is better than nothing. I ended up killing some of my horses to make room for bison instead. I’m not sure when we’re preparing to move down to the Southern deed, but I will probably head that way sometime during the weekend. Moumix wanted to complete a few roads and guard towers first.

I helped him with the guard towers, attaching bricks and clay. My masonry is over 60 now – but since it’s my affinity that’s not really a surprise. There were loads of mobs on the road as he built it, including a large handful of scorpions. Those things are still painful!

I created a (gulp) 3rd character, another Fo priest so I could link with my main one for Lifetransfer casts. Right now she only has 35 faith, but it’s a start. Both Fo priests will stay at my central deed. I haven’t had time to work on channeling yet, but I’ve gotten a few points here and there. I’ve been saving up sleep bonus so I can toggle it on, cast a few spells, and toggle it off once the 5 minute timer wears off. I know I’ll get there eventually.

A few new players joined the server, which I was really happy to see. The more people who play with us the better. There’s a great steady community already but it’s a combination of new players and veterans that really make this game work. Tomorrow I plan on working up my weapon smithing, hopefully I can get to 50, which means I can improve weapons to around 60ql. My “goal” is to reach 70+ but we’ll see how I do.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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