The Big Move – Day One


It was finally time! Mayameran, Moumix, and myself were ready to move down south. Moumix did most of the work because as usual I was slacking. He packed up all the items from all of our deeds into a wagon and loaded them into his corbita. We each took a vehicle, for me it was my cart and trailing behind me were a few of Mayameran’s animals. Moumix didn’t think that we’d be able to find our way without him – but WE SHOWED HIM and we all did just fine.

It took about 30 minutes to run to the new location down south, through the BG tunnel, across some peat, over the fields. It was a great day for a move. Eventually we made it to Sybaris. That’s the name we came up with. The place is huge – but when you’re sharing it between three different people you want it to be huge. We’ve decided on a tentative plan, with ideas for a grand castle and an elaborate dock. Mayameran is going to handle the animals, and we’ll have lots of pens and fields.

Excited?! YES! I am very excited.

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