The Big Move – Day 2


A day has passed and the deed is slowly coming along. Moumix has been busy working on the top tier of the place, this is where we’ll have a castle and a small village enclosed. Mayameran has been helping out too making bricks and fountains and collecting camellia sprouts for hedges. I’m working on the dock area. My first task is to flatten the dock area, which is about 8 tiles wide by 50 tiles long. That’s a huge area. Normally this task is more annoying than difficult, but there’s a mountain in the way, so I’ll actually have to dig until I hit rock, clear the tiles of all sand, and then mine the rock down to make the area flat. After I can just put down sand or dirt again to flatten it all out.

So far I have a tiny little portion cleared, approximately 2×12. In order to surface mine it’s not just the tile you’re working on that has to be cleared of dirt, but also the tiles touching it. So instead of a 8×50 path I’ll need to clear 10×52, give or take.

It’s a lot of work. It’s not especially difficult work, but it’s pretty boring to just stand in one spot and dig down to rock and then stand in another spot and dig down to rock. Once I’ve got all of the rock exposed the surface mining part should be pretty painless. In the meantime, Moumix has been working on completing our first building on that top tier. I haven’t actually been up there to see it yet since I’ve been working away at the dock area (and napping, and puking.. such is the life of this pregnant lady) but I’m excited to see what he has done, and it’ll be nice to have an actual building again. That way when I need a break from working on the deed (and I will) I can go do something else for a while.

Things are moving along at a nice pace. With three of us all working together I’m sure we’ll have a castle town up in no time.

OH! Also, a blue drake hatchling spawned on the server. A few of us ran around for hours trying to find it yesterday but we had no luck. Instead of heading out again, we’re waiting for it to eat someone and we’ll be able to figure out the location that way. It would be awesome if I won a set of drake, though RNG hates me pretty passionately so I’m not expecting anything out of the kill – still, it would be neat to see the drake and participate in another community event.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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