Digging, Mining, and More Digging


When I mentioned that most of my time has been spent digging and clearing a portion of a mountain in order to extend the dock by 8 tiles total, that’s exactly what I meant. It’s very boring grunt work. The left hand side of the screenshot is flat, and exactly how I want it to be. The right hand side used to be mountain, so I expose the area to rock, and then mine down the tile so that it’s one below the flat area. Then I can drop sand on it to even things out. It’s time consuming but the end effect should be beautiful. At the far end where you can just barely make out my horse and cart is where two rice fields are going. That section will be easier, I’ll just mine or dig down to a slop of 8 all around. I’m not quite at the halfway mark yet, but I’m hoping the other section of the dock will be easier. I don’t think there’s much mountain there to get in the way.

Of course I could be completely wrong. Maybe it will be a lot more silly work than I imagined.

Yesterday my champion wolf gave birth to a champion pup! I was pretty excited about that. When you breed a champion there’s only a chance for the pup to also be a champion. That statistic is increased if the mother is the champion one which is what happened in my case. Her pup is male, so now I have male and female champion wolves. They’re much larger than regular wolves but aside from that don’t really hold any special traits. I just like to breed them because it’s a neat aspect to Wurm. You can’t ride wolves or hitch them to carts, but they do make for neat guard dogs.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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