Cliques? Sure, they’re Everywhere


No matter what game you play, you’re always going to encounter cliques. Groups of people who are reluctant to let anyone else into the circle. It’s hard being an outsider and being constantly reminded of the fact. In wurm I applied to be a CA so I could assist players who had questions and generic things like that. I like to help people out, and most of the time I think I’m pretty friendly. However, a small portion of the CAs belong to a clique together, as any group of friends would. It’s awkward to hear them inviting each other into Teamspeak and being the one who is left out. Since I’m new it will take time before anyone is comfortable with me being there and I’ve already butted heads with some folks because I was not in favor of the new faster timers. What can I do? Just duck my head down and keep enjoying the game, helping players out where I can.

Which brings me back to the deed! Maya has been doing an amazing job in getting her fields terraformed and planted. Moumix has also been terraforming the top tier and I completed the rice field and worked on the docks. Thanks to the faster timers I raised my natural substance to 45, and my channeling is at 35. My Fo priest should be able to cast genesis soon and that will help Maya out with her animals.

Anders contacted me yesterday which was a nice surprise! A fellow Wurm Online player, they’re currently working on a road. Moumix bought a few weapons and tools from Maradesade who lives pretty close by, his deed is beautiful. Zekseidu will be taking a bit of a break, but I hope to see her around again soon, and me and Cennydd had a good chat this morning. It looks like new players (not alts but actual new players) have slowed down a bit but there are still a few each day which is really lovely to see.

Don’t forget if you decide to come play on Sklotopolis – say hello! I’m there as Stargrace, and you just /tell to open a chat window with me. I love answering questions and if you’re a new player don’t hesitate to give me a nudge.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 Responses to Cliques? Sure, they’re Everywhere

  1. stargrace says:

    I’m down in the south east, at Sybaris on the map (though I think it’s spelled wrong, lol) it’s by Sklo’s deed.

  2. Windrune says:

    How far are ya from Catnip Cove?

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