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I’m tired of the debate regarding skill timers and what’s too fast or too slow. Last night there was a lot of discussion in GL-Freedom both for and against it, with most of the veteran players disliking the changes and the new players who haven’t experienced wurm online enjoying them. Either way no one is going to change their minds and it’s time to just move on and play the game and enjoy it. The devs have other things to worry about – like the PVP server that is currently in the works! That sounds pretty exciting.

I’m back to working on the dock. Have I mentioned that it’s taking a long time? Well, it is.

Oh! I did manage to reach 50 in butchering yesterday, and I also reached 50 in natural substances, which gives a neat apothecary title. I’ve never gotten that title before even on Wurm Online, so it’s completely new to me (and of course it’s the title I’m using). I also worked channeling up a fair amount and I’m finally able to cast CoC without exploding all the things. My casts are low, around 30 quality, but it’ll get better with time.

I sent my alt back to my other deed for a bit, mostly to make sure the wolves are still well supplied with meat, and check in on the horses. I can cast enchant grass now which I’ll fill my pens with so I can leave them for longer periods of time. I’d like to work on a bit of animal husbandry with the Fo alt over at my other deed, maybe I’ll get lucky and get a painted horse! Ideally I’d like a hell horse or two, but they’re impossible to find in the wild and only a small handful of people breed them or sell them. We’ll see in the future maybe.

Anyway, as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! Don’t forget to say hello to me, Stargrace, on the Sklotopolis server of Wurm Unlimited (you can find the game on steam).

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  1. Akely says:

    I think the thing to do is not care about changes. I try my best to not care in the games I play. If the changes are so bad I can’t play the game I just don’t. My reasoning is that I do not have the time to try to make Devs see it my way (and why should they?), so I might just give one or two poasts/feed-backs about it and then vote with my wallet.

    Also: painted horse? Is that like a horse *you* painted… or is it erm, born that way?

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