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One of the neat benefits of Wurm Unlimited is that there’s an active mod community. Maybe not as large as some of the other communities out there, but they do a fantastic job. A lot of mods are server side, so unless you’re running a server you may not even notice that you’re using them. Some of the mods are client side, and while there are such mods that actually change how the game is played, those mods are typically not allowed by servers and the only mods that are allowed are visual mods that don’t change gameplay. One such mod is called Live Map. The map in Wurm Unlimited is a default one that shows “Ocrea”. If you’re using a custom map, chances are it will make no sense for you. Live map takes the in-game map and puts it into a mini window for you. It also works in mines, such as pictured above. The coloured marks are ore, the bright red square is me. The map moves around you, and you stay centered on the screen.

As you can tell by the dull red squares, I’ve uncovered a lot of ore. The black tile is slate, and the faint grey tile to the east is silver. I’m working my way towards some zinc, and then I think the only ores remaining are copper, gold, and marble (which isn’t an ore, I know). I finally reached 70 mining which means I can improve tools to that quality. Unfortunately out of all the ore I’ve uncovered, only one (so far) goes above 65 quality.

I also managed to reach 60 in natural substances – down side to that is I haven’t found a single source salt, which I need to make the leather working potions I have. I’m pretty surprised at how rare they are, then again I haven’t seen any hellhorses or hellhounds either, so I guess some things are just rare.

Since I’ve been working up mining I haven’t been working on the deed aside from working on the garlic fields and some animal husbandry. Now that my mining is 70 I imagine I’ll go back to working on the dock, I’m so close to leveling the portions I need and then I can get started on building. Do I have a vision yet on what I want to make? Nope. Not at all. I’m not sure if I want to plan it out in deedplanner or if I want to just wing it. We’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 Responses to Live Map and other Mods

  1. stargrace says:

    No, Ocrea is the name of the default landmass wurm unlimited comes with. the mod is live map. :)

  2. Windrune says:

    This is the Ocrea mod?

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