GM Downfalls and Colossus Building


I finished the first of two colossus yesterday – wow, they are so much faster than I expected. Once I had the materials construction took less than 2 hours. The statue uses 2k bricks, 2k clay, and 10 gold sheets (for this particular one). The most ‘difficult’ part (I use that term loosely, nothing is difficult it’s just time consuming) was getting the gold. I also got lots of extra.

I need to fix the windows pointing towards the ocean and then I can begin work on the opposite side, mirroring this side. Moumix has 85+ carpentry now which means he can plan the shipyard building that will be in the center. He needs 92+ carpentry to plan one of the castle grounds longest walls but it seems to be coming along at a decent pace.

The biggest challenge is keeping my mining above my other skills. See, if I want to improve things to 70 or 80 I need 70 or 80 quality supplies. Right now my mining is at 76. I’m trying to get at least a point or two a day, which makes for a lot of mining. My goal is to reach 80 by this weekend, and if I stick to the 1-2 points a day plan I’ll get there without too much issue.

I held an auction and sold off a rare longsword I had created as well as a rare needle. The auctions went well, I sold the needle for 5s and the longsword for 10. I bought a merchant form with the money I earned (10s) from a trader, so there was a 3s return, actually costing me 7s. Now that my skills are pretty well off, and my channeling / vynora spell casting isn’t shattering things or failing quite so much, I can afford to put some cheap items up for players – especially since I have so many from working up my skills. I’ve been giving away 60-70 ql tools to new players for the past week just to move some inventory.

I’m still not OK with a lot of things that happen on the server, like GMs removing houses that are supposed to be left to decay (but only for certain people, everyone else has to wait) especially since my deed and my alliance mate’s deed is right there and we were the ones waiting for them to decay (as per rules) but that’s one of the downfalls of playing on a privately owned server as opposed to a professionally hosted one. You have to look the other way and accept the fact that these things happen. If they bother you to the point where you’re not enjoying yourself any more (especially since this is a video game, where people should be enjoying themselves) then move on. It does make me wish I had researched into the available servers a bit more first, asked around and found out how they ‘really’ run, but hey it’s a learning experience.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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  1. tomas says:

    That is the reason I stayed with WO vs WU, the private servers tend to show a lot of nepotism / favoritism to their friends. I tried WU on several servers and ran into quite a bit of that. Also a couple of them were just deleted after a lot work was put into a deed. So for me stability and corporate owned server are my primary reasons for staying with WO. The skill grind is a pain but nothing new so I can live with it. Any way good luck on your deed.

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