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I know I haven’t been writing that much over the past few weeks (months?) but I have still been gaming. Today I’ll talk about what I’ve been up to in Wurm Unlimited.

I decided to drop the smaller deed called Quail Ridge that I had because it was quite far away from my ‘main’ deed and it was a pain to travel to. I prefer it out in the Southern part of the map where there’s less population, and I couldn’t really justify keeping a deed that was hours away. Instead I created Sybaris Stables, which (as the name shows) is an animal stable area. Mostly for hell horses. The GMs fixed the spawn issue we were having and hell creatures have begun showing up again. I ran out over the steppe and brought back 6 hell horses – but the guards like to attack them. They can avoid being attacked by being branded, but this doesn’t help the babies not be attacked, especially if they’re born when I’m offline.

The deed is the default (free) size of 10x10x9x9 and I spent the first day terraforming it so that it’s flat. I then added 12 2×2 pens for breeding pairs, 4 5×4 pens for crops + grazing animals like deer, a very small 3×3 house with the basics, and a larger pen for anything else that I may want. I surrounded the deed by a tall stone wall so that it’s protected from creatures outside (since I have no guards) locked the doors, added some altars, and ta da. Nothing fancy, but a great place to keep animals.

Aside from that, Sybaris Sales has opened. I’ve been creating tools and enchanting them (and weapons) and selling them to players. I also create dye and sell that. I’ve made about 25 silver so far which is a pretty respectable amount for being open only a week so far.

For some reason about two or three weeks ago, all of the community assistants quit playing. They went from 12+ hours a day (some of them) to 0-1 hours. I suppose that’s the issue with having CA all from the same alliance. Mizova, Corax, Melketh, and Mara, most notably. Every so often one will log in and say hi and there’s a rumor going around that ‘they’re all just busy’ but my guess is that they’re just playing someplace else together. There also hasn’t been any sign of Noskull, nor have I seen Devily, Yala, and a few of the others. The community does a fairly good job of running themselves, but it strikes me as weird. I wonder if there was a bit of drama or some such.

In any case, deed things are going well. Moumix is away for a work trip for the week so it has just been myself and Maya. I’ve now got four characters total in game, two Vynora and two Fo priests. It means I can cast LT and MS (though I don’t quite have the favour for MS) so that’s good. Otherwise, it’s just business as usual in game!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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