Countdown to Legion


Legion is right around the corner, and with all of the hype going on lately I’ve wandered back in game to play around with my level 100 characters and perhaps get another one (or two) to 100 before the expansion. I’m pretty sure I’ll be playing my priest when legion hits, but there’s always a chance I’ll decide on someone else instead. Priest is just what I’m most comfortable with, and the character I’ve dedicated the most time to (achievements and what not, even though I know those are account wide).

Even though I’ve had multiple level 100s for quite a while now, I still hadn’t gathered the courage to defeat Kazzak in Tanaan Jungle. Today I decided it was most certainly time. I got a nice cloak upgrade and a few felblight for crafting. Plus the achievement for defeating him. Before that I had been going through the LFRaid groups looking for ones that would reward me the goodie bags for queuing as a healer. I got a neat empowered apexis fragment from that which I’ll probably pass down to an alt to use so they can have a piece of nice gear too. My main is just slightly shy of 700 ilevel, and I couldn’t be more tickled about that.

Having fun in a game that I’ve played (off and on) for years now is important to me and I’m glad I can still get that same sort of joy from it. If you want to add me to battlenet, I’m Stargrace#1783 and while you’ll typically see me wandering through Azeroth there are times I take a dip into Diablo3 and other Blizzard games too (Overwatch maybe?) in time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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