Why I Highly Recommend Jumping into PvP Pet Battles


I don’t enjoy confrontation, and I’ve never been a huge fan of PVP though I do partake (it’s probably because I’m constantly doubting my skills or lack there of). Where that doesn’t seem to matter at all because of the method in which battles have been implemented in is in World of Warcraft’s pet battles.

At the start I was pretty intimidated. My first attempt at doing pet battles (in a pvp sense) was during pet week when there’s a bonus to the experience earned. You get a token that instantly boosts a pet of your choosing to 25, and that’s a pretty awesome thing to have. I figured how bad can it be to win 5 matches.

The very first thing I realized is that there’s a lot LESS pressure than I thought because the whole thing is anonymous. You have no idea who the player is that you’re up against. There’s no names, there’s no chatting. It’s just like you’re fighting NPC except they’ve got a different way of doing things.

I started learning a lot about my pet set ups and thinking outside of the box as to what team would be best suited for random battles where I had no idea what I would be up against. The team switches from week to week, but for now I’ve settled on the unborn Val’kyr, anubisath idol, and soul of the forge.

I open with curse of doom, and follow up with haunt. This kills the val’kyr but only temporarily until haunt triggers 4 turns later. This gives my opponents a false sense of security, they think “hey, one pet already down!” – then I sandstorm. I try to time my deflection when their biggest moves are up, and crush in between. I swap pets and repeat the process when the unborn val’kyr is back in play, and spam flamethrower, and deep burn on the soul of forge while keeping extra plating up where possible.

Do I win every fight? No, of course not. But I win enough to earn a few achievements and to earn the quested token that lets me boost another pet to 25. It’s fun, stress free, and if you’ve been avoiding it because you’re not sure how the pvp aspect of it would be I highly suggest diving right in.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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