Skyfactory 2.5 – A Skyblocks Mod Pack


Minecraft is one of those games that’s very easy to customize based on the person who is playing. Enjoy going after achievements? There’s a mod pack for that. Enjoy creative mode? Another mod pack. Enjoy exploring magic? Tinkering in tech? Want a challenge? There are mods for all of those.

That’s how I stumbled into something called “Skyblock” – but this mod pack is much more than just skyblock. It’s called Skyfactory 2.5, and it’s on the ATLauncher I was talking about in my previous minecraft post.

Skyblock is a challenge pack where there’s no actual world created. You spawn on top of a single tree that rests on a single square of dirt. Your challenge is to create a base and survive. There are optimal ways of doing this – take my platform pictured above. It’s done with half thickness planks instead of blocks. Why? Because monsters won’t spawn on them. It also gives me 6, so I can expand rapidly.

Once I made a crook and harvested a few saplings it was time to make a barrel that would let me compost my spare saplings and turn that into dirt. More dirt means I can plant more trees which of course means more wood.


Saplings need light at night in order to grow so to speed the process up a bit (they still take forever) I placed some torches. That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far. The pack is created custom so that you’re still able to create things like dirt and ore in a world where there’s no actual ground beneath you. Creating them is not easy, but eventually once you do the slow part you should be able to automate it. One of my first goals will be to have an automatic tree farm.

Since death means you lose everything ideally you want to leave your items in chests at your base and not carry them around with you. That way if you die you don’t have to give up and start the world over. I watched a hilarious youtube video last night of a group who happened upon a chance cube. Chance cubes are awesome, but they’re also random. The cube blew up most of their base, stranding two players on a single block of dirt in the middle of nowhere while their buddy was left with whatever remained of their base. It was hilarious. It’s these moments in minecraft that make me laugh the most, the unsuspecting trials and tribulations that you come up against (like that tornado that swept me away last time, that was hilarious). I’m looking forward to seeing what trouble I can get myself into this time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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