Happy 10th Anniversary, Wurm Online


Today marks the 10th anniversary of Wurm Online, a game I’ve been playing in one version or another (most recently with Wurm Unlimited) for over 7 years now. It’s one of a handful of games that keeps me coming back and that I find highly addictive (in a very good way).

In celebration, a number of things are going on. I ended up signing up for two months of premium so that I could better partake. This granted me 5 silver, a tin leather knife, a returners mask, and a gift box with sleep powder. A lot of people are (of course) displeased with their gifts and are moaning about the lack of creativity and how they wish it was something different, but I’m quite happy with mine. Besides, we could have gotten nothing at all.

A big round of updates has come to pass too. With it came Rifts, neat little events that open every few days on each server. You can also create houses underground now, so living life like a dwarf is a definite possibility. It’s nice to see such a large update, and it’s great to see so many people returning / still playing.

I took inventory of what I had in my bags across the handful of characters I still have, made sure my main (the only one premium at this time) had the best of everything, and then set to work cleaning up the two deeds I own right away. I’m currently creating a path that leads from the market deed to my main deed, and I’ll pave it and get it done up all pretty. I know I was working on weaponsmithing, but I’ll probably swap over to something else for a bit, just because.

It’s quite a difference to see how fast (or slow) skills move in WO compared to custom servers in WU. My 7 year old character in WO has low skills compared to my 2 month old character in WU, but I take more pride in the older character (which is pretty normal, I assume).

In any case, it’s nice to be playing again, even if just for a short while.

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