The Legacy Family Continues

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The legacy family I started way back when continues on, still only in the 2nd generation (while the goal is to make it to 10 generations). Jessica Little is an elder now, and still pursuing her novelist career. Her husband, Alonzo, died some time ago but he still comes around the house and to take Jessica out for dinner every so often. I caved and ended up buying the ‘Dine Out’ pack, which is a whole lot of fun. Their daughter, Emily, is now a young adult and is looking for love. Neither Jessica nor Alonzo approve of the teenage boyfriend Emily has at the moment, but it’s not their fault that he hasn’t aged up yet. Emily is an artist, and her paintings are famous all over the place.

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Dine Out allows your sims to visit restaurants, own them, and work in them. So far I’ve only been to one, Cafe Llama. I know there are various themes, and I love the interactions you can do at each one. You get seated at a table, pick a drink and a meal, pay your compliments (or insults) to the chef, and interact with your sims and other sims while you do it. I know I keep wanting an animal expansion, but in the meantime as long as they provide interaction like this one, I’ll be happy.

The legacy family home has grown by leaps and bounds since Jessica first started out with only a few dollars to her name. Each time either Jessica or Emily come home with a paycheque I immediately decide on a room to furnish with high end furniture. There are four bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a fancy patio with a grill and a nice garden along the side of the house. Emily’s art studio is set up on a balcony so she can have a great view of the world going on around her, and Jessica does her writing in the family room. They’ve taken to hiring a maid as well as a professional gardener to tend to things so that they have more time to enjoy life. Of course I have no idea how much longer that will be, in Jessica’s case. Now that she’s an elder, she could go at any time. Still, it’s been a nice long road playing the character so far. Hopefully Emily is up to the task of keeping the family line going.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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