What am I Playing? What are You Playing!


It’s that time of the year where people seem to be floundering in their usual game of choice, torn between the beautiful weather outside and hiding away inside to avoid the heat. I tend to be a restless gamer no matter what I’m playing, so it’s not really a surprise that I find myself all over the place.

In steam games I’ve been bouncing around between mindless clickers like adventure capitalist and the usual (Wurm Unlimited) with a brief stay in minecraft story mode. I have only completed the 4th chapter so far, and I love every second of it. I also installed skyrim thinking I’d finally get a chance to play through the entire game, but I haven’t gotten up the nerve yet. I’ve played it quite a bit (never to completion) only to have a computer issue that would cause my saved game to become erased, so I’ve started playing numerous times and then during the last incident finally gave up and said enough was enough.

I’ve also found myself playing a good amount of World of Warcraft and Sims 4. WoW is of course a nice comfortable game that I find very easy to fall into and I’m really excited about Legion. I love the friendly hype I’ve been seeing, and I hope more people return even if it is just a temporary visit until they get bored of things again. Sims 4 recently released a pack called Dine Out, and I’m having a blast with it. I’ve been playing my legacy family which is now on the 3rd generation and working towards the 4th. It’s the furthest I’ve ever managed to take a legacy family and I have high hopes of making it all the way to the 10th (eventually). Of course now that I’ve said that I’m sure I’ll start having issues with my PC..

What has everyone else been playing? Are you also bouncing around from game to game looking for something to hold your attention? Or are you outside, enjoying that bright object in the sky? I’ve seen a lot of folks playing The Witcher 3’s latest expansion, not my sort of game at all but I’m glad to see others enjoying themselves! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

5 Responses to What am I Playing? What are You Playing!

  1. pasmith says:

    Now that The Dark Brotherhood has finally arrived on consoles I’m back into that. Finished the main storyline on a character I created at launch and migrated to PS4. Not that I’m slow or anything.

  2. Andrew says:

    Playing a lot of American and Euro Truck simulators . I’d like to get playing a good rpg game as soon as I find one I like. Looking forward to No Man’s Sky as well.

  3. bhagpuss says:

    Where I live it seems to have been raining non-stop since last November so Summer weather is not an issue when it comes to deciding what, or whether, to play. I spend most of the time in GW2 with a second MMO always on the go – so far this year that slot has been filled by Blade and Soul, Black Desert, EQ2 and Dragomon Hunter. Currently I’m back leveling my magician in EQ – she should hit 90 today.

  4. Scopique says:


  5. Paul Williams says:

    heh, I just started playing Skyrim again the night before last. Already played it a ton as an archer and as a sword type. Now I’m trying to do destruction mage or battle mage, haven’t decided which yet.

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