The Legacy (family) Continues

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I love decorating homes but I don’t have very much patience for building a home from scratch. I was getting frustrated at having multi-floor homes, and so I decided to (once again) re-do the entire legacy home from top to bottom. Their lot is work a whooping $94,000 give or take, so I had plenty of money (and space) to play with. I put all of the rooms on the main floor and by the time everything was sufficiently decorated, the home consisted of two bathrooms, three bedrooms, a kitchen with a dining room, a computer room, living room, and a lovely outdoor pool / BBQ area. I saved the gravestones of both Alonzo and Jessica and placed them outside in the yard, so the ghosts can still come around and visit. I’ve since added an outdoor garden as well, harvesting fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs is very handy. Now the fridge is stocked and meals cost a lot less with supplies on hand. Since Jessica used to do most of the cooking, Emily has taken up the craft. She’s still working away at her painting career, selling works of art to galleries and museums across the world, while Tristan plunks away at being a programmer.

He has two negative traits that are making life difficult. One is non-committal, which means every day he gets sad with his job, his life, his wife and his family in general unless something changes. His second negative trait is the gloomy trait, which of course puts him in a constant sad mood. Thankfully his family is pretty understanding, and they’re learning to cope with his moods. He also seems to have a weak immune system because he has caught more colds and ‘itches’ from things out in the world than any of my other sims combined.

Their son continues to go to school and attempts to make friends. He’s another creative soul, much like Emily. His differs in that he tends to focus more towards music and instruments than the arts, but there are plenty of both around to hold his attention either way.

I’m not 100% happy with the new house, so I may look for one that suits what I want in the gallery, and then decorate it myself. I’m not good at designing the properties, but I could spend hours decorating them. Might as well do what I enjoy doing! Especially in a video game.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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