Making Goals, Achieving Goals


I like having goals in games that I play, whether they’re goals I create myself, or goals the game creates for me. One of the goals I had for myself in WoW was to reach ilevel 700 on my main (who at this time I consider my priest) before Legion released. I consider myself to be a pretty casual player, I don’t group up very often but I spend a fair amount of time in LFR or searching through custom groups for something that catches my fancy. I’ve never done a mythic dungeon (let alone a raid) and while I did do a lot of PVP at the beginning of Warlords, I’ve since stopped. This meant that reaching that magical number was a goal that I wasn’t sure I could accomplish.

Except today I managed to do just that. It probably would have been sooner had I bothered trying to get groups for Kazz but I didn’t even know about that raid (blush) until a month or so ago.

My gear is of course a hodgepodge of stuff. A few set pieces (Felfume) some Kazz loot (trinkets, neck, cloak), and some empowered baleful from Taanan Jungle. While I’m out and about on my own my priest is usually spec’d as shadow – but when it comes to grouping or raids, I’m currently in disc. I’ve been playing a priest main for years now, and I’m excited to see the holy changes that are coming in Legion, it’s been a while since I’ve tinkered with that specific spec.

In the meantime as we wait for Legion I’m doing the typical “prepare for Legion” things. Milking my garrison while I can, collecting appearance gear in my bank / bags for when transmog changes go live, doing world events for tabards, and playing the alts here and there. I’ve also been working on my pet collection, I’m up to 551 now, but I want more to be level 25, and at least rare quality. Alts come in handy for this, I can earn enough tokens in a day to turn a few rare and to also level up a few levels just by doing the garrison pet daily. I know I could grind out the levels on the pets that I want at 25, but I have a feeling I would get bored of that pretty easily. At least this way I keep myself interested.

That’s one of the hardest parts about waiting for an expansion – keeping interested and busy. Since I’m such a casual player to begin with, it hasn’t been that hard this time around, but I AM very eager for Legion to release.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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