Legacy Family Adventures & a New Stuff Pack

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Once again somehow my legacy family ended up with a flat, boring, rectangle of a house. As I’ve said many times before I really love to decorate homes, but I am just not that good at designing them from the ground up – thankfully a good friend shared with me some of her favourite designers, and thanks to her I was able to plop down a shell of a house (ie: no furniture), tweak the things I wanted changed, and decorate to my hearts content (or at least until I ran out of money). Before I really got started on decorating I just had to purchase the latest stuff pack which is all about the kids. It included new decor, new outfits, new games, and a lot of fun. One of my favourite objects is the Voidcritter battle station pictured above. Your sim has to go online and purchase booster packs, open them, and see what cards you get. Some are common and some are rare. Then you train your voidcritters and you can play against your friends. Really fun idea. There’s also a puppet theater (I haven’t played with this one yet) and a lot of neat room objects like nightlights. The bright vibrant colours suit kids of all ages, and I think it’s one of the better stuff packs released so far.

What’s new with my legacy family? Emily managed to reach level 10 in painting. She picked a career path, and finished her aspirations. While she’s still not pulling in quite as much as her mother Jessica used to make, it’s nothing to sneeze at. Tristan (her husband) on the other hand is still a constant battle. His non-committal trait leaves him moody and gloomy pretty much every day. He’s barely been at a job for two days before he starts freaking out. Thankfully he has an award winning garden outside, and with the help from his club they keep it in tip-top shape. It pulls in a lot of cash when the harvest is ready.

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The family recently went on a camping vacation to Granite Falls. Many hours were spent telling ghost stories, cooking hot dogs, fishing, and exploring. They also ran into the local crazy bear. What a face!

Now that the house is no longer a rectangle, I’ve been able to spend more time (and of course money) outfitting it to last a few generations. Emily has finally aged into a proper ‘adult’ and her young son is about to become a teenager. Unfortunately the map doesn’t seem to have many children around, so meeting people his age has been hard. Most of the friends Emily has on her phone are ghosts.. I may have to intervene and do something about that if it becomes an issue with future generations. Both ghost Alonzo and ghost Jessica have been making appearances in the house at night, haunting various appliances, sleeping in peoples beds, and generally being a pest. I like these little generation reminders.

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