What Sets your Server Apart?


When I first started playing on a new to me Wurm Unlimited server, it was quite awkward. Even though I had never heard of the server before, or any of the GMs, or any of the players, somehow, someone ended up telling the GMs that I left my previous server under dramatic terms, and that I would probably bring the drama here to the new server. They snooped my SteamID and found that I was playing somewhere new. It was awkward for me because I had stopped playing on the previous server way back in early June when I had some pregnancy medical stuff come up, I had never left on bad terms and still visited my deeds there weekly. I wasn’t even personally aware of any drama. It turned even more confusing when the GM of the new server called me out on public channels, then accused me of DDoSing the server in retribution of my previous server losing players (in tells).

I was pretty stunned.

Apparently this all happened because of ‘someone’ (I still don’t know who) telling the GM I cause drama. Anyway, long story short, I told the GM my version of things, explained that I really had no idea what he was talking about, and that I actually came to the new (to me) server because of population issues. Ages of Urath (the newest server I’m playing on) is the 2nd most populated Wurm Unlimited server, and I wanted to try playing there because obviously there’s a reason so many people enjoy it. While I love Sklotopolis, I feel that the GMs are very hands off, and the population has been waning. Am I a bad person for playing on a different server? I don’t think so. I donated to both servers, and enjoy my time on each. That’s how it goes with MMOs. I want to play on a server where the GMs and staff are involved in the day-to-day activities and things don’t turn stagnant. I think lots of gamer’s want that.

I’ve been playing on Ages of Urath for about a week now. Quietly doing my own thing so that I can’prove’ to staff and GMs that honestly all I want to do is play the game. Silly that I should have to prove myself this way, but it’s best if I just keep to myself. As I’ve played I’ve discovered just what makes this a fantastic server, even with the misunderstandings.

The staff is VERY hands-on, and I love that. There are CA / GM around almost constantly, and there are always events going on. The code has been tweaked, and many mods have been added. They code their own changes, they take care of the server. Animals have new skins, there are panda and zebra. The bounty system has been tweaked. They have three clusters at the moment, a main spawn cluster, a pve hunting island (you need around 70 fight skill to survive here), and a pvp cluster. They have grand ideas of adding more in the future. Their server has a backstory, and the players are friendly. These are all things I love to see in a Wurm Unlimited server, and I’m glad I decided to stick things out with them. Hopefully whoever was spreading rumors about me causing drama understands that this just isn’t true, and things stay nice and quiet.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Tomservo says:

    Stargrace! You are missed on sklotopolis, at least by me anyways! I can vouch for you and say there was no drama when you left so no idea what those other people were talking about. There was apparently lots of drama on skloptopolis which ultimately cause the creation of another popular server for which I wont name here, and we lost many good players which is why our population has suffered. I’ve actually played on ages of urath under a different name, and although there was no drama there I didn’t enjoy some aspects of the community including the GMs. I hope you enjoy your time in wurm wherever it is =D

  2. Ysharros says:

    My first reaction was WTF?? Glad it turned out ok.

    In most cases the people who go around accusing others of causing drama (especially someone like you, FFS) should take a good long look in the mirror. I sometimes notice certain folks causing drama but, oddly enough, I don’t go around accusing them and vilifying them to everyone else — I simply avoid them.

    Ken is enjoying his homebrew solo server very much and I’m tempted to try it, but I recall having some vague nausea/camera issues when I last tried it so I’ve not taken the plunge yet. I know for sure I couldn’t play it in 1st person, but even 3rd person Minecraft made me want to hurl. Wurm wasn’t as bad, as I recall, but there’s nothing quite as un-motivating as feeling ill when you’re supposed to be having fun. :D

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