Figuring it all out – Again


The pre-legion patch came and went, and with it any knowledge I had of my classes. I’ve been slowly (we’re talking snail pace here) logging into each one of my level 100 characters to fiddle with their builds, set up their gear so they don’t look like weird aliens in helmets, and take inventory of what has changed.

So far the biggest changes have been to my main character, priest. I used to be a disc spec’d healer, but I found after the patch that there was just absolutely no comparison to the holy priest spec. So I swapped. Not a big deal, I used to be holy ages ago but they nerfed that into oblivion, so I guess now it’s time for a new spec to be awesome. The new disc priest spec relies heavily on dps and applying atonement to players before going all out with dps. I’ve never really been fond of dpsing in order to heal, so the holy spec is much more my level. I did set up a shadow spec too (I usually use it for solo play or when I’m bored of healing) but I haven’t actually played my character yet to know how it runs. It doesn’t bother me that disc is (for me) unplayable, so long as there’s something out there I can replace it with. There is, so all is good.

Next I checked out my druid. Very little has changed for restoration, I found her a bit easier to play, and got rid of a few hot bars. I haven’t tried the dps or tank spec’s out with her yet though to be honest I never really did THAT much with the character aside from heal anyway.

After that I wandered over to my shaman who is currently set up as a melee dps. Lots of options are gone now, and I only have 1 totem that I picked up as a talent. I haven’t actually played her out in the world so I’m not sure about how the overall feeling will be, but without totems it’s already pretty odd.

That still leaves the warlock, paladin, deathknight, hunter, and monk to set up and figure out. I’ve also been contemplating leveling up a warrior because why not. I keep saying I’d like to try one and then I never go through with it. Just not enough hours in the day to play all the things!

What do you think of your class changes? Do your characters still have the same feel to them or have they morphed into some sort of new class that you’re learning all over again? On the plus side – you’re not the only one.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

3 Responses to Figuring it all out – Again

  1. David says:

    Loving the changes so far. Unholy DK has been my favourite – so much so that I started a new DK on a new server just to level up again. Outlaw Rogue is fun, as is Enhancement Shaman. I agree with Disc priest – it feels awkward to me, trying to watch targets to dps while watching health bars of party members. I also changed back to Holy for her. Survival hunter is so different that I have started a new one of those too for levelling. Seems like a lot of people have the same idea – dungeon queues are really short at the moment EXCEPT for healers – I think many people are finding healing a bit odd.

  2. Scary says:

    I love the new Ret Pally spec. I’m wanting to try a warrior too because I heard they are so much fun now. I feel a nerd coming on tho the ignore pain spell is crazy op now. Other than that I can’t wait for DH I tried them in beta and had loads of fun.

  3. Scopique says:

    I have ONE class, and it got weird. The BM Hunter now relies way more on commanding the animals than it does actually performing actions yourself, which for me has been a kind of Twilight Zone, regardless of which game we’re talking about. I appreciate the changes, though, in making each of the Hunter’s specs more unique unto themselves, although I have to say it’s given me a real reason to try out the other two and see how they behave.

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