Sure, I can be bribed to heal LFR


I don’t belong to an active guild in WoW, having decided ages ago that instead of being kicked for inactivity (something that happened on a pretty frequent basis) I’d be better off in my own personal guild. I created it years ago, and I’ve been there ever since. I may have alts elsewhere, especially on other servers (my “main” server these days is Argent Dawn) but I still hold that personal guild quite close. Since I don’t belong to an active guild, getting things done outside of LFR or LFG is something I don’t often do. I know I could find a raid to go along with, or even apply just with one character and leave my other alts at home, but I haven’t felt especially comfortable getting back into that stuff. I’d love to play more with friends, but again due to my nature I always feel like I’m intruding, and I’d rather have someone approach me and invite me instead of inviting myself along, if that makes sense. Dang my passive nature.

One things I will admit right now that gets me into those LFR and LFG encounters is the savage satchel of cooperation. The goodie bags that show up every so often when a specific role is needed. I most often see these requirements for tanks, then healers, and every so often, dps. 90% of the time if I’m queued for a raid it’s because I’m going to get that extra satchel – and they’re incredibly handy.

While garrisons have been nerfed into oblivion when it comes to gold making, these satchels still reward over 500 gold for each one. Plus they’re filled with baleful gear (not class specific, you can mail them to alts and even across servers) the chance at an apex enhancement, and other random treats. It’s a fantastic way for my alts to gear up WITHOUT having to go through Tanaan Jungle (again). Is it wrong that I only feel the desire to queue when there’s an extra incentive in it for me? Well. Maybe if I was going to group with friends and required incentive, that would be a bit morally confusing for me, personally. In a LFG or LFR environment though I feel that these incentives are almost essential due to the nature and vitriol of a large portion of the community. In order to put up with these comments and the stress of grouping in a LFR environment, yes, I need a little extra incentive. With friends, not so much. They’re (hopefully) much more lenient.

Do these treat bags give you any incentive to queue up for dungeons and raids? If not, what would it take to get you into them? As always, let me know in comments below and happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

2 Responses to Sure, I can be bribed to heal LFR

  1. Scary says:

    I would group with you 100% of the time but me being lower level I would be intruding asking.

  2. Ravanel says:

    Wow, that’s a really interesting feature. I don’t play Wow myself, but I wonder what would happen if you’d introduce something similar to SWTOR. Tanks are especially sought after there, too.

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