Three Humans and a Night Elf


Last weekend I decided to join up with friends on Dalaran, and I created four new characters (originally I created one). A human warrior, a human monk, a human deathknight, and a night elf druid. Why so many humans you may ask? Well, that reputation bonus that humans get is something I will always take advantage of if I can. Out of all of the racial bonuses the game offers, it’s the only one that I feel gives a significant advantage. There’s so many factions in game, and every little bit helps.

I created the deathknight so that I could farm lower level instances for transmog gear and sell them, earning myself a bit of coin. Little did I know that a billion other players would also be headed to the DK area. It was absolutely packed! It was so busy that trying to quest was a feat in itself. Thankfully you can tag other people’s mobs and still get credit, but I feel bad doing that because they also get reduced xp with that method. Since most of the experience you gain comes from quests and not from actual kills it’s not such a huge deal, but still something I don’t enjoy taking away from someone else.

Since my DK has lots of heirloom I managed to get almost 60 before leaving the starter zone. I really wish we could just skip that entire place, I’d rather level up some place else. There’s no option to skip it and you can’t leave until it’s done so you’re pretty much stuck there. A quick dungeon run and I should find myself at 60.

I haven’t decided who I’d like to focus on when it comes to this new server. Lets face it, I’m basically just wasting time until the 9th and then until Legion comes out. I’ll probably swap back over to my priest main during those other times, and group up cross-realm (hey, have I mentioned I dislike servers) through bnet. Speaking of, if you’re looking to add me, my bnet is: stargrace#1783 – I play both horde and alliance, and while I may not say a whole lot, I’m always eager to group up with friends!

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