Ghosts are Breaking Everything!

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Last night I spent a little time with my Sims 4 legacy family – and was incredibly frustrated. See one of the things I adore about having a legacy family is that they have a history, and since they stay on the same house lot the entire time, that history grows as the family ages. There are two tombstones out back, one for my original legacy starting character, and the second her husband. They frequently return to the home as ghosts and their children and grandchildren (and soon to be great grandchildren) get to interact with them and visit. It’s fun – until they start to haunt and break things.

Without fail, every single night these two ghosts return and start haunting bathroom fixtures like toilets and sinks, sometimes it’s the computer, another time it was the dishwasher, or the TV. Without fail after they’re done haunting these items it promptly breaks, leaving the living sims with a few options, repairing the items themselves (my typical choice, since it costs nothing but time), hiring a repair person (rarely used, I hate having to wait for someone to show up) or spending out of pocket to replace the item (also rarely used). Last night it was especially bad, I think I had four broken items all at once. It stresses the living sims out because the home becomes messy with water and trash everywhere. The maid doesn’t show up on weekends, and of course it was a Saturday.

I moved the tombstones further away from the home and eventually plan on putting them in a graveyard type area towards the back of the lot. Maybe this will help cut down on the destruction that they tend to do. I’m reluctant to get rid of the graves because they add to the family history. Each one is engraved with the cause of death, and while it’s not always exciting, it’s neat to look back on (in a weird creepy way).

Since my sims spent most of their time yesterday fixing broken things I didn’t get a lot of unique gameplay done. I did set their club to giving points while repairing things so that helped out a lot. I swapped it out with the cooking one because honestly my Sims have so much food in their fridge it was getting a bit crazy. In a few days time my youngest sim will become a young adult, and then it will be time to start working towards the fourth generation (out of ten). I’m slowly getting there!

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