It’s Almost Time!


It’s here, it’s here! It’s almost here..

Demon Hunters, that is.

I spent almost no time this weekend playing games, and it looks like that streak will continue, at least for a short while. 28 weeks into my pregnancy there’s not a whole lot motivating me to sit at my desk, so if I’m going to game I’ll typically set up Steam Link and play from the couch. Even that seemed like a bother this weekend, so I spent it watching the Olympic games and knitting. It wasn’t all bad!

Tomorrow the patch goes live that will bring Demon Hunters to the game. I know I’ll make one even though I always say I won’t. I know it will be crazy busy as everyone and their dogs also make the class. I think it will be fun, and it will be great to see so many people out and about doing beginner things on their characters. I’m excited. I like the positive hype that I’ve seen.

Meanwhile I’m still trying to decide who to play as my “main” for Legion. I’m debating between my priest and my druid. Sure I could (and probably will eventually) end up playing both but for the first foray into a new expansion I really do like to focus. It will probably end up being my priest because most of what I’ve “done” in game has been on that one character. I have ties to her, feel connected. The druid is a newer character for me still with very few achievements under her belt. She hasn’t maxed out archeology, cooking, or fishing. They’re not exactly “important” skills, but it’s the casual fluff that makes me interested in a game and keeps me playing hence the lure of my “most worked on” character.

Will you be making a demon hunter? Going to jump right in or give it a bit of time? Anyone need a holy / shadow alliance priest? Give me a nudge! I’m stargrace#1783 on bnet (speaking of bnet, I’ve been playing the new season of Diablo III, too. So you can find me there! I rebirthed on a witch doctor).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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