Out with the Paladin – in With a Priest?



Yesterday I was convinced paladin was the class I was going to play on the horde side of Area 52. Today, that has changed to priest. Turns out I just really enjoy the class, and so I created a new one yesterday evening in the hopes of making it to 100 before Legion releases. Can I do it? Well, it’s possible. Will I? That’s yet to be seen. I did manage to get to level 11 or so before finally calling it a night, but that had less to do with playing the priest and more to do with the fact that I spent all day on the paladin doing invasions and pre-legion fun stuff (which was amazing, might I add).

In the end it’s just better for me to play something that makes me happy, even if I already have a priest on another server. None of the other classes have ever ‘spoken’ to me as much as the priest.

Thanks to some help from friends on twitter (@LadyEllindris, @Ysharros, @xgeistatwork, @CoutureGaming) I was able to set up a horde guild on Area 52. Since I spend most of my time either solo or LFG/LFR or trying to convince people from bnet to invite me along for the ride, I decided that my own guild was in order. It’s also a place any of my friends can gather on the horde side, since we already have Zero Commitment over on the alliance side (on the Dalaran server). As much as I enjoy playing Alliance, my true self has always enjoyed the Horde side of things just a little bit more.

There were tons of people in game yesterday, and a lot of the comments I read about the pre-legion experience have been positive. The massive invasions are a sight to behold, even if you don’t feel like grinding out nethershards for upgrades (which isn’t really that bad, all truth be told). I picked up a set of gear for my paladin, a 715 weapon (700 that I upgraded a few times) and of course the Felbat Pup companion pet which was really important of course.

I’m feeling excited about leveling up a new priest, though I’m concerned about how long it will take me. Especially the slog through Pandaria and Warlords, as those are two of my least favourite expansions. Still, challenge is always good and keeps me interested.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


2 Responses to Out with the Paladin – in With a Priest?

  1. stargrace says:

    I’ve been doing that, however it’s boring and still a 10 minute wait between queue pops :)

  2. Dublin says:

    Just queue in the dungeon finder as a healer. You will fly through the levels with almost instant pops.

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