Giving Alts a Chance


Invasions. That’s pretty much all I’ve been doing in World of Warcraft these days, but for one very good reason. You may remember (but probably don’t remember / don’t really care) that I already have 5 level 100 characters. Needless to say, that meant that I’ve been VERY reluctant to go through 85-100 content again. As it turns out, invasions are a great way to level up your alts, so long as you don’t mind the wait between invasions. Right now (I believe) they’re still occurring every 4 hours, with people on my server (Area 52 at the moment) saying they’ll be increasing to every hour. I have two level 91 characters, a monk and a DK and I’d love to see them reach 100 before Legion hits, and since I can’t afford to boost them, invasions are the next best thing. I get 1.5 levels for every 2 invasions. My monk is already sitting at level 94 after my foray into 6 invasions (basically 3 sets) yesterday and this morning. It’s not a lot of work, you get neat chests you can open at 100, and I don’t have to quest grind through content. It does mean that by the time Legion rolls around I’ll just be running through that content a bunch of times to level up alts, but because invasions are a time sensitive thing, it makes sense to do them now.

Belghast brought up a good point about Blizzard wanting people to use these invasions for their alts to help them level up. The more people who are 100 and doing Legion content or ready for Legion content, the better. It also gives people more incentive to purchase Legion if they hadn’t yet. I do find that invasions are “cheating” a bit when it comes to experience. I don’t even have to hit anything between the phases in order to level up or to get the chests, I can just sit around and soak it all in. Of course you do earn extra nethershards if you choose to actually go out and attack the encounters, but it’s not required. I believe I should be able to reach level 100 on my monk before Legion without too much issue, whether or not I manage to tough out enough invasions to level anyone else up is yet to be seen. I’m thinking perhaps the DK, but it will depend on whether or not I can stomach more invasions.

If you’re attempting to level up lowbie characters through this method my advice is to run as many LFG dungeons as you can until you reach level 60 and then go purchase flying for 250g. You’ll be able to make your way through Azeroth much easier that way, especially if you haven’t unlocked many flight paths and don’t want to run all across the continents.

The break between invasions is also a nice cool down period. You don’t feel like you’ve been gaming the entire time (because you haven’t been) and you have space to do other things. It may take a bit of time (I’m looking at 14+ invasions to reach level 100 from 93) but over all it still feels like less “grind” to me.

Thoughts? Let me know in comments!

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