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As I mentioned in my last post, I boosted the monk to 90 back when WoD was released, and then I leveled her to 91 and never touched her until invasions started and Legion was just around the corner. I’ve always wanted to play a monk but I found them very intimidating, with a LOT of skills on my hotbars and no idea what any of them did.

Then the update that condensed almost every class out there came out. While some of my characters have fallen by the wayside, others that I had previously pushed away started looking more appealing. The monk falls heavily under this category.

I started out by playing windwalker. Used Icy-Veins to set up a rotation and got myself to level 100 with invasions, then decided I wanted to try out a few raids. I didn’t feel like raiding as DPS though, so I swapped over to mistweaver and organized my rotation for that, too. A handful of raids later I realized I was really enjoying the class now. A lot. With a few minor frustrations tossed in that have nothing to do with the class. One of those issues is that the felshroud gear (in specific, the chest piece) doesn’t swap stats like all of my other pieces. It remains an agility vest, and even when I’m in heal spec and open new chests, the subsequent vests are all also agility.

Right now I’m wearing a mixture of agi / int gear, and I’m still enjoying myself a huge amount but I know I could be doing better as a healer if I was wearing a full set of int gear. Right now that consists of chest, neck, weapon, 1 trinket, and 1 ring. One of the reasons I love to queue as a healer is because of those WoD goodie bags you get  which includes 500+ gold and is how I’ve been earning coin since the garrison nerf. The gear isn’t that great of an upgrade any more, but can fill in my missing int pieces, and sometimes you’ll get lucky with a titanforge or warforged piece.

One thing I will say is that monks are very heavy on mana. It’s actually nice to have to manage it, my other healer classes feel as though they have unlimited mana. I am enjoying monk a LOT more than my holy paladin, and I’d say on par with my druid. My holy priest is still my favourite, but since I’ve been playing horde instead of alliance, I’ve been taking a bit of a break. Any classes out there that you’re suddenly enjoying that you never have before? Let me know in comments!

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  1. stargrace says:

    I have it set to that already, there’s just no healer int leather felshroud drop at this time :) It’s a glitch with the game.

  2. Telwyn says:

    You probably know already but WoD added the loot specialisation menu to your character portrait. That should allow you to force new gear drops to be for Mistweaver.

    I’m enjoying my old main of Balance druid a whole lot more than I have since Wrath. Still not perfect but a lot less railroaded now eclipse has been finally dumped. Otherwise I haven’t tested all my alts but I think my insta-90 hunter will be left behind because I find beastmastery to be so awkward now :-/. Arcane mage seems to be fun and I’ve not played mage beyond 70 so that’s a newish revelation for me.

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